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About two years ago I had gone through radiation therapy course. This course was also followed by chemotherapy and it exhausted me completely. I looked more like a pale copy of what I was before the treatment. I knew that due to such treatment courses I could lose my energy and even hair. But I have never imagined treatment would be that difficult. My life stopped; everything I felt was vomiting and nausea. Everything I ate would leave me in no time and it was extremely difficult for me to go on. When I told my doctor that I would prefer to stop the treatment as I couldn't eat anything, couldn't sleep and couldn't think about the nest procedure without trembling in my legs and arms the doctor put me on Kytril. And that was a great decision as since I started taking Kytril I started noticing the world around me again. Before that my physical condition prevented me from feeling anything but nausea. Kytril helped me survive the medical treatment and achieve the result that I have: great relief and cancer slowdown. I am really happy that this drug made me able to go till the end of the treatment. The result is great and I would recommend this medication to other people who need support in chemo or radio therapy.

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I have tried many different medications for vomiting due to chemo and radiation. This was the only pill that honestly helped me 100 percent! It's def worth it. It saved my life!

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